Nico Jenkins / Curriculum Vitae



 2015 PhD, Summa cum Laude, Philosophy, Art & Critical Theory

European Graduate School, Saas-fee, Switzerland

2005           MA, Eastern Classics and Philosophy

                   St John’s College, Santa Fe, New Mexico

1994           BFA, New Genres

                   San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, California


 2018             Asst Adjunct Faculty, Maine College of Art, Portland, Maine

 2017 - Present     Teaching Fellow, European Graduate School, Saas-fee, Switzerland                  

 2015 - Present     Asst Professor in Philosophy & Ethics, Husson University, Bangor Maine

2012 - 2017          Preceptor, Honors College, University of Maine, Orono, Maine

2010 - 2015          Lecturer in Philosophy & Ethics, Husson University, Bangor, Maine

2010 - 2016          Adjunct Faculty in Philosophy, University of Maine, Orono, Maine

2009 - 2011          Research Assistant, European Graduate School, Saas-fee, Switzerland




Ecstatic Critique and The End of The World: Baudrillard’s America and the Climate Emergency. Applied Baudrillard Conference, Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, United Kingdom (September)

What if They’re Right? Responding to Climate Change in The University Classroom, Assoc. for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education. Pittsburgh, PA, With Dr. Tom Stone, Husson University

If This Be A Man; Primo Levi and the Call of History, Honors College Civilizations Lecture, Honors College, The University of Maine, Orono


On Labor and Craft; The EGS Cello Project; With Robert Young and Chris Fynsk, European Graduate School, Saas-fee, Switzerland

 “Betwixt and Between the Now and Then: An Ethics Towards a Dis-Ordered Ecology.” Comparative and Continental Philosophy Circle, University of Arizona, Phoenix, Arizona

 Origin Without End: An Introduction to the Bhagavad Gita, Honors College Civilizations Lecture, Honors College, The University of Maine, Orono


“Losing Our Breath: Radical Hermeneutics as a Pedagogical Principle” National Collegiate Honors Conference, Seattle


“Thinking with Heidegger and Blanchot: On the Disaster.” Philosophy Colloquium Series, University of Maine, Orono,                                                  


            2013                            “Pedagogy with/in.”

                                                 “Pedagogies of the Disaster,” Tirana, Albania.                                  

            2012                            “Para-Academics After The Disaster.

            Paper delivered at “Cruising the Ruins: The Question of                     Disciplinarity in the Post/Medieval University,” Northeastern        University, Boston, Massachusetts


2010                            “The Difficulty of Naming: On the Way to Language with Martin Heidegger.

                                                Philosophy Colloquium Series, University of Maine, Orono,                                                   Maine


            2010                            “The Problem of Saying.”

                                                Distinguished Lecture Series, Camden Philosophical Institute,                                                 Camden, Maine




            2018                            Echo of No Thing: Heidegger and Dōgen (Forthcoming), Punctum                                                   Books, Brooklyn

                                                Moraine: The EGS Cello Project, Apricate Books, London

            2013                            The Pedagogy of Disaster, co-editor. Punctum Books. Brooklyn

            2012                            Continent: Year One, co-editor. Punctum Books. Brooklyn

            2010 - 2014                 Continent. Journal., Co-editor                                                      and Founder




            My dissertation, The Echo of No Thing: Thinking Between Heidegger and Dōgen (Forthcoming 2018, Punctum Press, Brooklyn, NY), supervised by Christopher Fynsk, Director of the Centre for Modern Thought at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, seeks to understand the space between thinking which Martin Heidegger and Eihei Dōgen enunciate in their writing and teachings. What both thinkers illustrate is that world is not a fixed, stable entity; rather it is a fugal composition of possibility, of as-yet untraversed—and at time un-traversable—spaces. Echoes seeks to examine, within the lacunal eddies of be-comings arrival, that space between which both thinkers point towards as possible sites of new beginning. Echoes positions a new ground for an ethical attunement and response towards a changed world, the world of the Anthropocene.





            Classes Taught Since 2010


·      PH462 Seminar on Philosophy of Craft, European Graduate School

·      SS371 Postcolonial Theory, Maine College of Art

·      PH200 Environmental Ethics, Husson University

·      PH299 What if They’re Right: Responses to Climate Change, Husson University, with Dr. Tom Stone

·      PH110 Introduction to Ethics, Husson University

·      PH100 Introduction to Philosophy, Husson University

·      PH299 Radicals & Weirdos: A History of The Avant-Garde, Husson University

·      PH199 Existentialism and Literature, University of Maine, Orono

·      PH 299 Environmental Ethics, University of Maine, Orono

·      HON211/212 Civilizations, Honors College, University of Maine, Orono

·      HON324 The Event of Memory, Honors College, University of Maine, Orono

·      HON 322 The Act of Seeing, Honors College, University of Maine, Orono


            2010                Teacher’s Assistant to Giorgio Agamben, European Graduate School




            2018                            Chair, Sustainability Committee, Husson University

            2016-Present               Sustainability Committee, Husson University

2017-18                       NEASC Standards Review Committee, Husson University

            2014-2016                   Curriculum Committee, Honors College, University of Maine

            2013-Present               Faculty Athletics Advisory Board, Husson University 




            Italian, excellent

            French, conversational

            German, can read with dictionary

            Sanskrit, can read with dictionary